New Software Updates Available

September 24, 2009

Hello all! 😀

I just checked Software Update and the following updates are available for installation, granted you installed all the other updates previously available (see Compatible Updates guide, link on the right side of this site)

9-24-2009 Updates

9-24-2009 Updates

These updates are all compatible for HP Mini 110, so go ahead and feel free to install them. I have also updated the Compatible Updates guide with the list of these updates.

I am also pleased to share that we have broken the 500-visit-per-day mark on! So spread the word to your Mini 110 friends!

Also, if you feel like contributing anything to the website, drop a comment and I’ll respond to you immediately. Be sure to use a legitimate e-mail when you create an account so I can respond to you via e-mail. Anything you contribute will have 100% accreditation as always.


Compatible Software Updates UPDATED!

September 19, 2009

Did Software Update suprise you with some, well, updates? Check here to see if they are compatible. 😀

All these updates are safe for Mini 110, latest ones at the top:

  • Java for Mac OS X Update 5 version 1.0
  • iTunes version 9.0.1
  • Security Update 2009-005 version 1.0
  • Airport Utility Software Update 2000-002 version 5.4.2
  • Safari version 4.0.3
  • Quicktime version 7.6.4
  • iLife Support version 9.0.3
  • Front Row Update version 2.1.7
  • Remote Desktop Client Update version 3.3.1
  • Mac OS X Update 10.5.8 (see below if you are on 10.5.7 or lower)

All these updates will work with no issues on our netbooks, so don’t be afraid, go ahead and install them 😛 (Extra steps needed for 10.5.8 upgrade, see below.)

UPGRADE TO 10.5.8: So, more and more reports are coming in that the Mac OS X 10.5.8 Update can be installed with no bad effects. I decided to go for it and install it, and it worked great in the end. So, you can go ahead and select the Mac OS X 10.5.8 update in Software Update. After it installs and it reboots, you will notice that your screen resolution is smaller again, WiFi doesn’t work, and other things. Relax! The only thing you need to do is reinstall the kexts that are included in the HP Mini Essentials .zip file.  Here’s how to re-install the kexts, taken from the OS X Install Guide:

Open up OSX86Tools again (HP Mini Essential Files > OSX86Tools_1.0.150 > ) and reinstall all the kexts in the kext folder.

  1. Click on “Install kexts” towards the bottom right.
  2. Find the kexts folder on your flash drive. Select the first one. This time, select all but one kext – Do not install the AppleIntelGMA950 kext. It will disable your screen.
  3. Shift+Click the last one to select all.
  4. After the installer completes, it will ask you to reboot. Go ahead and reboot.