I decided to make this guide so that people didn’t need to scavenge a bunch of forums getting a bunch of misleading information that isn’t reliable. After all, we just want our little netbooks to run OS X, how hard could it be? 😛

This guide is the most proven guide available for the Mini 110. It has been changed and adapted to work best for our machines, and it fixes most of the common problems with the Mini such as bootup reliability, WiFi reliability, and Quartz Extreme.

The guide was originally written by MyHPMini.com forum user bobbypotluck, and then was modified and added to by another MyHPMini.com forum user,  newdeal. I simply re-wrote, added download links, and tidied it up a bit to make it even easier to YOU!


2 Responses to Purpose?

  1. Pete Mayhem says:

    I just wanted to touch base with the creator of this website. I too own an HP Mini Hackintosh (iDeneb) and I wanted to contribute some custom wallpapers to the community. I created two that combine the apple with the pattern of the HP Mini and they work pretty well. If you are interested, feel free to email me at e-mail hidden for security.


  2. Steve says:

    Great guide, love the website, simple and clean and well written!! I am getting an HP mini 110 in a few weeks from a verizon deal and I am anticipating running through your guide to get it up and running so I can DJ full-time with this laptop. If you are looking for mixtapes or any good music for the car or gym, check out my website http://www.djliquidice.net I want to linkback to this site as one of my favorites.


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