Coming Soon: The Snow Leopard Guide.

Yep, you’ve read right! A user by the name of SharkOne has been the adventurous one in terms of venturing into installing Snow Leopard onto our Mini 110’s. He has had great success and is now working on making the peripherals work such as sleep and WiFi. I am trying to help with this project as much as possible, and soon we will have an installation guide for Snow Leopard, EXCLUSIVE to!

We are hoping that the installation can work both ways — to upgrade from a current installation (aka, the installation that you have from following the current guide) as well as installing from a clean slate.

Keep checking back for updates! Also, what do you think the best name for this site is? Vote below:


6 Responses to Coming Soon: The Snow Leopard Guide.

  1. willy says:

    how is it going? manage to make wi-fi, sleep, and other usual suspects work in snow leo?

  2. Adrian MX says:

    Do you have an estimated release date?
    your web page rocks!!!

    Monterrey, Mexico

  3. i just want to say much appreciation to your dedication. I own hp mini 110-1013tu and get much help from your site. getting osx on my hp mini does get easier following instruction on your site.

  4. just curious, are you still doing the 110’s snow leo ? would be nice if you post some movement in 110’s snow leo; thx b4

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