How-To Upgrade Your Chameleon Bootloader

The version of the Chameleon bootloader that comes with the iDeneb 1.3 (well, UInstaller) is ancient. The new Chameleon bootloader version 2.0 is amazing, with a GUI, expanded features, and theme support, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t upgrade!

The first thing you need to do is go ahead and grab the Chameleon v2 RC2 bootloader package here:

The next thing you need to do is go ahead and open Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal.aap) and enter the following, hitting enter after every line:

sudo su

(enter password)

rm -rf /.Chameleon

All done with Terminal, so you can go ahead and close it.

Now, open the Chameleon v2 Installer package and click through the installer until you reach the Customize button, and uncheck the “Extras (kexts)” box. Finish the install.

That’s all! You’ve just upgraded your bootloader!


5 Responses to How-To Upgrade Your Chameleon Bootloader

  1. Jason4653 says:

    SO i just tried this and now I cant boot either I just get a flashing cursor on restart. How do I remove Chameleon so I can get my

  2. Bryan says:

    If you want to revert back to the old Chameleon bootloader, simply open up UInstaller inside the HP Mini Essentials, and check off the Chameleon bootloader and it will install the old one. For additional help, go to

  3. Kevin says:

    I want to try and upgrade my BootLoader but If I have the same problems as Jason4653 how do you reapply the old boot loader if you can’t boot into your system?



  4. Miguel says:

    I’m from Mexico and I have good English, just install chameleon to the letter and it worked, it looks very good, very good blog

  5. Digimancer says:

    So far this has failed on my 110-1025DX… System constantly locks up after framework is loaded. I am running iDeneb 1.6 lite with the old boot loader no prob. What is the benefit of upgrading to 2.0?

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