A few new guides…

I have added a few new guides to the site, such as how to update Chameleon bootloader, fixing the sleep issue with the 10.5.8 upgrade, and I have also written my own rendition of how to dual boot OS X and Windows 7 which is on the Multi-Booting Guide page. All the links to the fixes and how-to’s are on the right side, under “IMPORTANT LINKS!”, and the Multi Boot guide link is of course on the top nav bar.

With the news of the new HP Mini 311 coming out, I am curious to see if it will take all the attention off of the 110, and if HP will continue to sell the 110 afterwords. What is your opinion?  Feel free to leave a comment.

I’ll leave you guys with a user-submitted wallpaper from Pete Mayhem: It’s the same swirl design that is on the lid of our Minis. Here’s the link: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2520/3717131813_1e1d63236a_o.jpg to see a preview, just hover your cursor over the link and it will show a preview of the image.
Until next time…


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