Got WiFi Woes? Worry no more.

It can happen. You turn on your netbook and boot into OS X, and boom. No internet connection?!?! What’s a fellow hackintosher to do? Hop on another computer and look at, of course… Unless you’re looking at this for future reference 😉
I have decided to post this because it has already happened to me for some odd reason, and after playing around for a few times and after numerous reboots, I have found the solution that worked. The kexts need to be reinstalled that make the WiFi adapter become recognized and fuction with Airport.

The following kexts are necessary in making WiFi work:

  • IO80211Family.kext
  • IOUSBFamily.kext
  • LAN9500.kext

It’s either all three or none, trust me. After many reboots and kext installs later, I found that if one is missing, WiFi will not work.

So, these kexts can be found in the HP Mini Essentials .zip file, which can be downloaded here: HP Mini Essential. zip

  1. Extract the contents to your desktop, and open up the HP Mini Essential Files folder.
  2. Open up OSX86Tools, (HP Mini Essential Files > OSX86Tools_1.0.150)
  3. Select “Install Kexts
  4. Navigate to the “Kexts” folder within the HP Mini Essential files folder.
  5. Choose the three kexts listed above to install.
  6. At all the prompts, just hit OK to all except the last prompt when you are asked to reboot. Choose cancel.
  7. After the kexts are installed and you chose to cancel stay in OSX86Tools and check off “Repair Permissions” and click “Run Selected Tasks“.
  8. After it is finished (it will be a litle while) go ahead and reboot.

Install kexts. Your best friend.

This should solve your WiFi troubles. Oh, and before you ask, YES, it is normal for the WiFi light to be “pink”. It’s purely aesthetic. If it really bothers you, all you have to do is put the computer to sleep, and when you wake it again the WiFi light should be blue again.


10 Responses to Got WiFi Woes? Worry no more.

  1. Mini110-CH says:

    Great Work Again!

    Question for you, is this the same as what is in your guide or above and beyond?


  2. Bryan says:

    These are the exact same kexts and tools that come with the guide. I am simply showing you how to reinstall the WiFi kexts if WiFi cuts out on you. 🙂

  3. Larry says:

    I done what you said to do and no luck. I have a 1031NR Mini. The light on the Wifi switch is blue. Can you help?

  4. Bryan says:

    Hmm. Have you tried restarting a few times? Sometimes the WiFi kexts don’t load and the light stays blue… If not, try reinstalling the kexts again.

  5. Larry says:

    I have done all of that. I read somewhere that if the light is blue you have no Wifi. If it is pink that means it is on. That means it is totally opposite of when it is running windows. Do you find out to this be true? I also read that right before OS X boots, to slide the Wifi switch to make it pink and it should work. Is this true also? Right now I am reinstalling from scratch and doing some different things.

  6. Bryan says:

    Personally, if the WiFi light turns pink when booting that means that it’s usually going to boot up normally with WiFi working. If it stays blue while booting, that usually means the WiFi kext failed to load and it’ll either stop at the Apple boot screen or the WiFi simply won’t work. If the WiFi light boots up as pink, and you put the computer to sleep, when you wake it up the WiFi light will be blue, and work like it should. The light being pink is purely aesthetic… the WiFi will still work when it is pink.

  7. Larry says:

    I thought so. When I boot up the mini, when it hits the Apple screen, I slide the switch then it turns pink. When it boots Wifi is working. Everything works except Ethernet, that is not necessary if Wifi works. Thanks for your help. You have a great site here!

    • Bryan says:

      Yes, the ethernet does not work across the board, no matter what guide you try. There’s no kexts out there that enable the ethernet chipset on the Mini 110.

      I’m glad my guide worked for you in the end!

  8. Jonathan says:

    Does this work for Snow Leopard? I can not get either Ethernet or Wifi/Airport to work in SL.

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