Moved the Guide.

I moved the guide to it’s own little page on the site, so that I could make posts and updates on the main page (that would be here :P)

Anyways, I launched the site a few days ago, and so far, there has been over 100 users coming through each day, and this site has only been posted on InsanelyMac and over on, which is awesome. I hope that the word gets out more, because this guide works, and works GREAT!

I just used this exact guide last night to install iDeneb to my HP Mini, and it worked great! I used my old, tired, noisy (fan is going out) PowerBook G4 to read the directions and load up iDeneb onto the flash drive and everything, and everything installed flawlessly.
I then installed Windows 7 and got it all set up to dual boot with OS X, and it all went well. I’m thinking of doing a guide for that as well.  Time will tell.



2 Responses to Moved the Guide.

  1. djbluedemon says:

    Thanks for the guide, it’s great!

    My only problem is that can’t find a solution to get full resolution of my screen. I have an HP Mini 110 and followed everything you mention in your guide to the letter and I still get this resolution. I can’t even upgrade to 10.5.8 because I can’t even access the liscence agreement button. 😉

    Any solution? would be great.

    Cheers! 😉

    • Bryan says:

      Try to reinstall the display kexts, that might be the issue. Otherwise, you can try for help. I believe that issue has been addressed there a few times.

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